• Hi Shawn! Here you go... We can't speak highly enough about Shawn Baxendale! She is an amazing dog trainer, as well as the only place where we can leave our dog Kramer, and feel like he is in as good of hands as if he were at home with us. Getting a new puppy can be overwhelming, but when Shawn came into our home, and immediately took control of our dog with ease, we knew we found a gem. Not only has she helped us have a well-behaved dog, she has entertained us with her wit and sense-of-humor along the way. Shawn is wonderful with adults and kids when it comes to teaching us how to care for our new puppy. She really cares about both the dogs she is training, as well as their families. We love how she looks out for all of us, and gives us great tips in taking care of our dog. She has a way about her that makes you feel like you are old friends - we always tease that she is our family therapist! We refer Shawn to all of our friends and family when they get new puppies, and everyone we know feels the same way about Shawn as we do. Stanley Silver Fine Arts